The Big Story: a new model for evangelism


Evangelism is not one of my spiritual gifts. For some reason, I’ve never been very “successful” at it. And to be honest, I often find the way other Christians “do” evangelism to be offensive. Have you heard the four spiritual laws? Or what about the infamous cross that bridges the gap between humanity and God? Or even more notorious, the chick tract.

I think most would agree that chick tracts usually come across as offensive and perhaps just a bit arrogant; I doubt I’m alone in thinking so. But, sometimes even I find it strange that I struggle with other types of evangelism as well.

Let’s face it: we all hate telemarketers. They call us in the middle of dinner to try to sell us some more junk we don’t need. And for some reason, that’s often how I’ve felt when attempting to share the Gospel with other people – like I was interrupting their life to tell them a bunch of stuff they couldn’t care less about. Moreover, whenever I’ve employed a model or strategy, it’s always felt artificial and gimmick, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the person listening to me felt the same way.

Last week, I heard about James Choung, who has developed a new way to talk about the Gospel with people who have not heard it.

You can find part two here.

What are your reactions? Does James get beyond the gimmicks? Or, is using a paper and pen always going to feel artificial? Can evangelism happen outside relationship, or should we be using methods like this with everyone we come across? Has evangelism “worked” for you?


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