“Filter” is a word I picked up while interning at The Chapel during the summer of 2006. Obviously, it’s not unique to them, but it’s one of their emphases. In short, the pastoral staff makes it a priority to educate the congregation in such a way as to empower them to process their thoughts and actions through the “filter” of Scripture. In other words, the Scriptural worldview filters out the junk that comes from here, there, and everywhere.

Given that this year is an election year, the political implication is obvious. As Christians, we take what we read, hear, and see; we then filter that through our Scriptural worldview; and then we make a decision and vote.

In a previous post, “Christian politics” emerged as a point of interest, and I’m sure we have all formed opinions on the matter. So, to begin our discussion of “Christian politics,” I thought we might begin the discussion by focusing on what components make up our individual filters.

So, what biblical/theological/cultural/sociological themes are important to you, and how do they serve as a filter as you make a decision for the upcoming election?

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