Partying as a valid theological category?

No, not that kind of partying. But a recent article I read claims that “God loves a good party.” To be honest, I think they are onto something. Everyone loves to have a good time, so this article might seem like little more than common sense. However, I think it’s a good idea to take it a bit farther than that and make the claim that partying is something that can and should be theologically legitimized.

If you read the article, it cites several biblical examples where taking time off from work to enjoy family, friends, and food is actually mandated by God. It goes on to list several of the benefits, for the individual, for the community, and for enhancing the community’s ability to execute its mission to the world.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that we should encourage (not discourage) these types of social gatherings, where people dance, sing, eat, drink, and celebrate life together. (Obviously, I’m not advocating we all go hit the clubs on Sunday night after church…) And the reason we should encourage them is that they are, in fact, spiritual experiences. Our lives are meant to be lived in community, and our lives are enriched by friendship and fellowship.



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