The Church and Politics "Quiz"

Christianity Today recently released a short quiz you can take to help you locate yourself in today’s heated church and politics debates. Are you a radical reformer or a quiet critic? If you are dying to find out, check out the quiz here.

It’s all multiple choice, and they don’t require any personal information. Plus, it only takes about five minutes.

For those dying to know, I fell in the radical reformer quadrant (which was a surprise to me), but I was pretty darn close to the center.

In part one, I scored 36, and in part two I scored 26. As you can see, that’s almost a bullseye.

I’m curious to hear where some of you fall.


One thought on “The Church and Politics "Quiz"

  1. I’m a radical reformer as well. I’m not that surprised that is where we both landed. I scored a 46 on part one and 23 on part two. I think that higher score came out of a desire to see the church do more service outside the realms where the government is going to fund things. There’s a lot we can do without the government’s help and still be prophetic. Plus then if we loose out tax exempt status we’d be okay too. Thanks for your posts. Keep ’em coming.

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