Remember the past. Imagine the future.

Today marks the anniversary of one the most significant events in American history for which I have been alive. I remember the day it happened. I was a freshman in college, and school had only been in session for a few days. I cam back to the dorm from class, and it was unusually quiet. My neighbor invited me into his room to share the news… the first plane had hit only a few moments earlier. Together, we watched as the second plane hit. Our entire campus mourned the tragedy and gathered to pray for loved ones and strangers alike.

Today, we should take some time to remember those who lost loved ones… remember the heroes who risked their own lives to save others… remember the state of our world, which has not yet recovered. We should remember that this tragic event that cost thousands of lives still lives on and has cost thousands more since. And it behooves us to remember and pray.

In the midst of the grief, however, today also affords an opportunity to imagine our future as both Americans and Christians. Our hearts should be grieved by the events of 9-11 and its bloody aftermath…on both sides of the fight, God’s children have lost their lives. We should not move across this reality too quickly.

Yet, as Christians who believe in God’s redeeming work in the world, and as Americans who anticipate major changes in our country, we have the responsibility to look forward to the future and imagine something different. And unlike so many in the world, there are tangible actions we can take. We can pray and speak out against in justice without fear of an oppressive government. And unlike so many countries, we actually have a say in who makes up that government. We can actualize change.

So, I encourage to dedicate a few moments of your day to silence to remember the state of our world. Dedicate a few moments to pray for the world and all of God’s children who inhabit it. And dedicate a few moments to imagine and pray for the future. With Jesus, pray that God’s kingdom would come, and listen for ways that you can help build it.

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