Settled in a new apartment… sort of

Last week was our big move to Lansing, and well… it’s still not complete. We just received the bulk of our furniture this weekend, which meant we could take all of our clothes out of boxes, which meant we had lots of work to do.

And we still do…

I’m bumming a wireless signal from a neighbor until we get our own ISP (next week), so the blog posts might remain sparse for now.

Oh yeah, I also started at Best Buy this weekend – a situation I never would have dreamt of four months ago. But, it will generate some revenue, no matter how modest, and it will help to pay the bills.

I also have an interview with Enterprise Car Rental – again, whoda thunk? – tomorrow morning.

Hope life is treating you all well.


2 thoughts on “Settled in a new apartment… sort of

  1. Rock it out, bro. Glad to hear that you folks are getting settled and will definitely keep the job situation in prayer.

    I’m doing music ministry with Jews for Jesus in San Francisco for the next three months before I hit the road for a 15 month tour. Really busy schedule, but I’m loving it.


  2. That’s awesome, Jacob. Sounds like you’re able to pursue the music dream, and I’m happy to hear that.

    Keep me posted.

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