Conservatives caught with their pants down

Well, not literally, but thanks to Jon Stewart, some well-known and renowned conservative politicians and pundits have been exposed for their hypocrisy.

There’s a five-minute clip that’s worth your five minutes. It will probably make you laugh – as it should – but it should also make you a little bit mad. The party that woos us Evangelicals year after year is tainted by hypocrisy – and that should upset us.

Here’s the link:

3 thoughts on “Conservatives caught with their pants down

  1. Haven’t watched it yet, but I will soon. However, it does cause me to ask a question… Who do you think a Christian should vote for? Yes, both parties have bad aspects…I consider myself more independent, but I’m really just curious about what you would say. So…with a clear response…Obama or McCain?

  2. I won’t be able to vote for either with a completely clear conscience. I’ll make a post about it, though, to explain myself more fully – if you promise to read it and respond.

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