The inevitable political post…

Well, I just can’t resist. I have to say something about the election, as hard as I’ve tried not to.

As a preface, this post began as I read a blog post here. In summation, the original poster argues that Obama has essentially forged a new “Christian left,” who aligns with the Democratic party on most of the controversial issues. This new group consists of many mainline Protestants and even some Evangelicals and Catholics who were alienated by the GOP this election.

But it doesn’t get interesting until you start reading the posts a little further down the page by the public readers. Most people disregard everything the original author has to say, and it quickly degenerates into an Obama-hating session, even going so far as to claim that Obama will usher in the end of the world.

Here are some noteworthy tidbits:

The results of this election only confirmed that the Bible is true. We are truly in the end times and are headed towards a one-world government, right for the taking by the Anti-Christ. The good news for those of us who are true Christians, is that we won’t be here when it all comes full circle. We will be in heaven with Jesus Christ.

It is a sad day for Christians. All you who voted for Qbama, voted for abortion on demand and to let babies die. You voted for the most left wing radical this country has seen run for president. The next for years will be bad for true believers. This is no longer a Chisrtian nation under God. It has become a land of porn, baby killers, sodomy, and any other perverion men can think of. God will punish us noe.

No matter how pro-Obama evangelicals attempt to justify their support for him, at the end of the day his past record makes at least two things certain: he did not take a stand against Illinois legislation that allows infanticide, and he is not pro-life, period! If evangelicals really believe that abortion is wrong, then it is absurd to defend a candidate who supports abortion because he foolishly sees abortion and the right to choose as morally equivalent. Frankly, today’s evangelicals are becoming more and more ethically inept, which is evident in the flimsy reasons given for supporting a man who has a pathetic record when it comes to protecting the unborn. How ironic it is that Christians, who spout pro-life rhetoric and harp on all the “injustices” in the world, are nevertheless willing to vote for a man who, as president, refuses to repeal the very laws that are killing tens of thousands of those little citizens who are being denied life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Beam me up, Scotty, there is decreasing intelligent life down here!

Obama is already considered a messiah by half of the nation, and soon all but the very devout will be won over. Obama will do very well. He will be credited with fixing the economy, he will miraculously end the war in Iraq and create peace with the muslim nations. US support of Israel will slowly slip away. They will have no ally. They will be attacked inevitably. The stage is set, the end is near.

the end

Yikes. Of course, if the end of the world is at hand, shouldn’t we be happy about it? After all, while the heathen suffer boils, I’ll be bathed in heavenly oils…

Of course, there are the pro-Obama posts here and there, and even a few that call for finding middle ground instead of damning the country and world to hell.

Initially, I was frustrated, even angered by reading Christians’ reactions. That was yesterday. Today, I came back to this post with a more level-headed approach, and then I read this. An effectively anonymous poster named ryan says:

I am from Canada and live in Europe…believe me, you have nothing to worry about if you think Barak is socialist or liberal. Americans have never seen a socialist or liberal president and it won’t change in the next 4 years. You may not like his policies and he may be a bad president (you can judge that in 4 years…just as George W.’s awful record will judge him) but for the sake of Christ and the Kingdom stop the insults, the pettiness, the fear mongering, the racial attacks and be a part of the solution by loving your neighbour and praying for your leader.

Amen, brother. I have my concerns about Obama, just as I would have had concerns about McCain had he been elected. Neither one embodies my values or what I understand Christian values to be. Like all of us, both of them fall short. Therefore, for the sake of Christ and his kingdom, let’s bring an end to the petty attacks and become a solution rather than furthering the problem.

Let’s embrace this new time for our country, regardless of how you feel about Obama. Let’s call his administration to task when it betrays our collective Christian conscience. And let’s support his administration when and where we can. And let’s pray for him as fervently as we have prayed for President Bush and those before him. And finally, let’s stop dividing over whether or not we voted for Obama. Whether or not you did, our country faces the same problems, many of which we can solve. I for one believe we can get past the divides in our churches and in our country and enact the changes we so desperately need.


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