Musings, cont.

If you read my previous post, then you know I am a quasi-government employee, which means there are restrictions on how I can express my faith while on the job. As I said before, I understand why this is the case; that is, the federal government cannot (and should not, I think) endorse any particular religion.

That said, however, I believe it is important for me to continue living out my faith on a daily basis at my job and through my work. Thankfully, certain aspects of my job are intrinsically related to my own understanding of the Gospel. My organization supports mentoring organizations across the state in order to combat poverty. I found the five different aspects of poverty I received at training to be informative, and it does help bring some clarity as to how I am living out the Gospel at work. Here’s a list of the aspects of poverty:

1. Financial

2. Emotional

3. Mental/Cognitive

4. Social Capital (essentially a social network, including families and friends)

5. Role Models

Given that I’m working in a mentoring organization, our focus is number five, and our influences on the other four filters out through our affect on number five.

All that to say, I believe the war against poverty is directly related to the concerns of the Gospel. Therefore, joining the fight is one way for me to live my faith at work.

What I need help with is living my faith in the day-to-day grind of office work. What are some experiences you have had that might help me make the adjustment? Remember, I’m a seminary graduate who anticipated working in a strictly Christian setting, but my new job is launching me into a thoroughly secularized office. Tips?


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