Follow up: I was wrong about Ted Haggard

Haggard ‘Deserves What He Got’ | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

Recently, I posted about Ted Haggard and an upcoming documentary that features him. Or more accurately, features him and his family as they attempt to rebuild their lives after Haggard’s sex scandal.

In an article on Christianity Today (linked above), the prodcuer of the film, Alexandra Pelosi, gives an incredibly interesting take on the film.

When I first heard about the film, I assumed it was a ploy to make money. It turns out, I was wrong. Listen to what Pelosi has to say — and this came as a shock to me.

“He had the sex. He had a scandal. But that’s not what this is about. It’s the point of how the Bible pulled this man through his darkest hour. Why can’t we enjoy the happiness that that brings? That’s what we should be celebrating.

I’m going to watch the film again before I write my review, and I’ll edit our discussion down to a sidebar interview. And I’m going to …

Just don’t make God look bad. Let God win.”

I don’t have HBO, but I sincerely hope I can find a way to see this film… and maybe you should too.


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