What do you do when your theology doesn’t work?

This morning I read an article that struck way too close to home. In 1980, a book was published entitled, “We Let Our Son Die.” The book tells the story of two parents who refused to give their diabetic son his prescribed insulin. Instead, they chose to “positively confess” his healing, believing that God would miraculously restore their son to health.

But, they were wrong.

Their son, Wesley, died because he didn’t receive the medication he needed to stay alive.

Amazingly, the story does not end there.

Instead of a funeral, his parents chose to hold a “resurrection service.” But, Wesley did not come back to life.

Tragically (but justly, I think), they were eventually found guilty of manslaughter and child abuse.

Hopefully, none of us ever goes through anything like these parents went through, but undoubtedly each of us has had an experience in life that has called some aspect of our own theology into question. What was that event for you?

Faith in Faith or Faith in God?


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