Chauncey Billups, back where he should be

Pistons fans continue to mourn the loss of Chauncey Billups. Don’t believe me? Visit any of the Pistons blogs in the blogosphere for more proof than you could ever want to read.

But last night, we experienced bitter-sweet reprieve, and we welcomed Chauncey back to the Palace, where one day his Red, White, and Blue number 1 will be flying from the rafters.

If you, like me, don’t have FSN+, then you missed what has been the most memorable moment of the season thus far.

But don’t worry… I’ve got you covered.

And just in case that’s not enough, you can listen to his class-act comments in the post-game press conference. And you can’t tell me you don’t miss that leadership, confidence, and class right about now.

Unfortunately, the only thing I can’t offer is Kleenex for the tears you are sure to shed while watching…

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2 thoughts on “Chauncey Billups, back where he should be

  1. My thoughts exactly.

    “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know whatcha got ’til it’s gone.

    You trade Chauncey Billups for a future Hall of Fame Bum.

    Shoo bop bop bop. Shoo bop bop bop.”

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