Irony of the day…

This morning I sifted through all my RSS Feeds using Google Reader, as I usually do each morning.

I get my daily dose of Scripture, thanks to Riverview’s Text Project, as well as my latest tech and video game news fixes.

I also subscribe to several theology-related blogs, ranging from the far left and far right, to the blog called “Theological Word of the Day.”

This morning’s word was “egalatarianism” which I’ve come to embrace whole-heartedly over time.

In short, this position holds that men and women are completely equal and that women are in no way subservient to men. Consequently, women can and should embrace positions of ministry in the church.

Consequently, I agree with a lot of Christian Feminists, although I’m not afraid to disagree when I feel I must.

As an Egalitarian and moderate feminist, I agree with authors who argue that the church has been and remains very patriarchal, or in other words, has been unduly dominated by males.

I’m not going to get into my exegetical, theological, or scientific reasons for being an egalitarian; suffice it to say that I think I can make a good argument from each of these fields to support my position.

I only said all that to say this: feminists argue that the church should essentially reconstitute and restructure itself in order to give a fair hearing to women (and other oppressed groups). Got it? Good.

As many of you know, I am now working in the mentoring field, and one of my current projects is to help develop some literature that will help mentoring programs recruit more male mentors (who are overwhelmingly absent).

Imagine my surprise when I read this in one of our draft documents:

Recruiting male mentors requires integrating this male perspective into every facet of mentoring program operations, which may require some restructuring of what is currently a female-dominated sector. Strategies for integration include: recruiting male board members; hiring male staff; creating male task forces; and/or consulting with males in your community.

Irony of ironies, after studying feminist theologians over the past several years, and after advocating for egalitarianism during that same time, I now find myself in an admittedly female-dominated sector that is trying to restructure itself in order to integrate the male perspective.

Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

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