What are the treasures of the church anyway?

Early in the 3rd century AD, Lawrence, most likely born in Spain, made his way to Rome.  There he was appointed chief of the seven deacons and was given the responsibility to manage Church property and finances.  The emperor at the time, who thought that the Church had valuable things worth confiscating, ordered Lawrence to produce the "treasures of the Church."  Lawrence brought before the emperor the poor whose lives had been touched by Christian charity.  He was then jailed and eventually executed in the year AD 258 by being roasted on a gridiron.  His martyrdom left a deep impression on the young Church.  (Treasury of Daily Prayer, Concordia Publishing House)


In the work that you do today, I pray that you discover who the true treasures in your life are, and may you be empowered to love and serve them with all your being.


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