McLaren’s Plea for a New Generation of Republican Leadership

I used to be a staunch Republican. I even voted for W (the first election in which I was old enough to vote —  his second term). I’m not a Republican anymore.

That’s not to say I don’t retain some key Republican values; I think fiscal conservatism is vitally important, for example. And I don’t want the Republican party to implode and fail. But I do think it’s time for the Republican party to change. I’m over the birthers. I’m over the communist/socialist accusations. I’m over the mistrust. I’m over the fear-mongering. I’m tired of the shouting matches.

Apparently, so is Brian McLaren, who writes:

Even if all President Obama stands for were as dastardly as the shouters, birthers, and nostalgics insinuate, can’t some perceptive Republicans see the need to do what President Obama did to win the election — to inspire with some hope, rather than constantly pulling the levers of fear? Fear is indeed a powerful short-term motivator (and fundraiser), as is revenge, but it uses an inflating currency (and where do you go after flashing the Hitler/Nazi/fascist credit card?). An unregulated fear-based politics will eventually crash just as an unregulated bubble-based economy will, but like a crashing economy, it can cause a huge amount of damage on its way down.

I would like to vote for a Republican president again, because I think fiscal conservatism is that important to our country as a whole — but I can’t justify voting for a party that is acting like a giant adolescent. With Brian, I’m sincerely asking you to do better for you party, our country and our world as a whole.


3 thoughts on “McLaren’s Plea for a New Generation of Republican Leadership

  1. Personally, I don’t care what party a person is. I vote for the person and what she states she is for and/or against. What’s your track record show etc. Call it simplistic. But I am so tired of this I’m a democrat – I’m a republican crap. So I can’t vote for you because you’re in the wrong party. Tell me what it is you believe. Why you believe it. And more importantly, what is your vision for this country and for this world.

  2. I used to be Republican, too. My first president to vote for was Ronald Reagan, who also knew how to inspire with words of hope and optimism.

    I’m deep in red country these days. Thought the church was going to roast me with Lasers coming from their eyes when I reminded them that as Christians, the Lord has commanded us to be good citizens and be supportive of our government leaders.

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