Alister McGrath on Faith, Science, and the New Atheists

Alister McGrath, author of A Fine-Tuned Universe, was a "Rottweiler sort" of atheist in his younger years. However, after attending university, McGrath discovered that God was more exciting that he initially thought, and became a Christian. As he began to think about the intersection between science and religion, he saw that their interactions were far more complicated than a simple clash of two incompatible ideas. (via)


3 thoughts on “Alister McGrath on Faith, Science, and the New Atheists

  1. I know this is way off topic but I wanted to respond to your comments over at UF. I read the blog but am so intimidated by them that most likely I will never comment. I’m glad that you give a voice of reason to another perspective.

    And by the by, I was home schooled as well. And I lived on a farm. And, wait for it… I preached to cows. πŸ™‚ Can you imagine the replies I would have received to that little tidbit?

    1. Ha! Thanks for posting that πŸ™‚

      I understand feeling intimidated. I suppose I get more annoyed than intimidated, which is why I post sometimes and don’t post other times. Sometimes, I get annoyed because I don’t think religion generally and Christianity specifically are given a fair shake — that’s when I post. But other times, I get annoyed by the conversation, so I stop posting! I have a tendency to let conversations become personal … need to work on that πŸ™‚

      1. Just another thought and/or question. Is it just me or are a majority of the posters there really, really angry? They preach (pun intended) tolerance but seem to spew such hatred for anyone with a different experience than theirs. I don’t necessarily agree with every idea that springs forth from someone but I wouldn’t call them names or ridicule them. It makes me wonder what happened in their lives that caused such wounded bitterness to form. I don’t know why I keep reading it. I guess it’s like the proverbial car crash. Not wanting to slow and look but not being able to stop myself.

        Ok, I’m moving on… (no, just one more peek….) πŸ™‚

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