Colbert on the Conservative Bible Project

I still haven’t figured out of Conservapedia is authentic or satire, and to be honest, I kind of like it that way. Believing that it could be satire helps keep my hope in Christianity alive. One of the key pieces of Conservapedia is conservapedia the Conservative Bible Project, and the primary goal is to produce a translation of the Bible that is free from “liberal bias” (among other equally ridiculous goals).

The goal of this post isn’t to ridicule this project, although I might do that someday; instead, the goal is to once again direct your attention to a comment on Twitter (if you’re not on Twitter – you know who you are! – you should be 🙂 ).  After all, Stephen Colbert is.

He tweeted this little gem yesterday:

hopefully the conservative bible will have more instances of jesus performing the miracle of tax cuts

And Conservapedia said, “Amen.”


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