Ending Christian Euphemisms: A Challenge – The New Christians

Tony Jones issued a challenge to his readers over at his blog to stop Christian euphemisms.

A euphemism is a substitution of an agreeable or less offensive expression in place of one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant to the listener, or in the case of Doublespeak, to make it less troublesome for the speaker. The deployment of euphemisms is a central aspect within the public application of political correctness.

It also may be a substitution of a description of something or someone rather than the name, to avoid revealing secret, holy, or sacred names to the uninitiated, or to obscure the identity of the subject of a conversation from potential eavesdroppers. Some euphemisms are intended to amuse.

Jones thinks that we Christians rely on euphemisms more than other people in our society, and I tend to agree, and I offered this euphemism in response to his challenge:

“I’ll be praying for you…”

1) (If said to another Christian) Sounds like a tough situation, but since I don’t want to really help, I’ll offer some hollow words of comfort.

2) (If said to a non-Christian) I don’t really understand you or why you think what you think or believe what you believe, and since I don’t really want to bother trying, I’ll offer some hollow words of patronization.

What about you? Have you heard any Christianese euphemisms that you want to share?


One thought on “Ending Christian Euphemisms: A Challenge – The New Christians

  1. There can also be a threatening element to “I’ll pray for you”, especially if it’s said to a nonbeliever at the end of an argument. Generally, I think it means “I’ll pray for you- TO BURN IN HELL!!!”

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