A moment of gratitude

Over the past couple days, I have been developing some curriculum related to mentoring young people who come from immigrant and refugee families. I’ve discovered some staggering statistics about these children and families and read some pretty amazing stories. And then I stumbled into this short paragraph:

“I believe in helping people in difficult times, in trying to understand people, and in trying to study because education is power. I see people who have a lot of material possessions, but I do not feel jealous because what is really important is love and relationships. I know how quickly you can lose what you have. In America, we don’t have money. But we have peace.”

– Helene Bounsana, refugee youth from Congo, Brazzaville

It’s ironic that I read this after I just celebrated Thanksgiving, because reading those words evoked the deepest feelings of gratitude that I’ve experienced in quite some time.

Not only do I have money and all the resources and luxuries that come with life in America, I have everything else that’s much more important: love, relationships, family, friends, and even a very good education.

I am so amazingly blessed.


(If you’re interested in learning more about the issue generally, you can find great resources here)


One thought on “A moment of gratitude

  1. You’ll have to share your experiences with the immigrants/refugees. I’m studying to get into immigration law. I’m in my 2nd year and just got finished taking immigration, and will be taking an asylum course next semester.

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