March Madness, “Insane Christian” Style

I love March Madness. There’s no other time of the year quite like it.

But this year, it just got a little more awesome. I give you “Christianity’s March Madness Insanity.” I really wish I would have thought of this. It’s brilliant.

Remember to take it with a grain of salt. It’s written by a Christian, mostly for a Christian audience that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Scott’s already kicked off the first round, but voting is still open! For your convenience, “Game” one of the first round is here. There have been several “games” already, but voting is still open on all of them (I’m assuming until Round One is complete). If you’re not easily offended, have a look at the rest!


2 thoughts on “March Madness, “Insane Christian” Style

  1. As much as we may disagree on various topics, on this we agree! Not only incredibly funny, but also incredibly insightful. I laughed a lot at his article “Hung like Angels”. If u haven’t read it, it will make you laugh. Peace

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