Pro-life feminism is the future

From “Pro-life feminism is the future,” by Colleen Carroll Campbell in response to the question, “Can you be a feminist and oppose abortion in all circumstances? Can you be a person of faith and support abortion in some circumstances?

We hear a lot about the absolutism of women like Palin, who opposes abortion even in the hard cases. Often overlooked is the absolutism of her critics – avowedly "pro-woman" abortion-rights advocates who cannot bring themselves to condemn even partial-birth or sex-selective abortion, the latter of which is an increasingly common practice in the U.S. and abroad in which unborn girls are targeted for elimination simply because they are girls.

For many American women, the feminism that once attracted them with its lofty goal of promoting respect for women’s dignity has morphed into something antithetical to that dignity: a movement that equates a woman’s liberation with her license to kill her unborn child, marginalizes people of faith if they support even modest restrictions on abortion, and colludes with a sexist culture eager to convince a woman in crisis that dealing with
her unplanned pregnancy is her choice and, therefore, her problem.

Many women are not buying it. They are attracted instead to the message of groups like Feminists for Life, which tells women facing unplanned pregnancies that they should "refuse to choose" between having a future and having a baby. They believe that the best way for a woman to defend her own dignity is to defend the dignity of each and every human person, including the one that grows within her womb. And they reject the false dichotomy of abortion-centric feminism that says respect for human dignity is a zero-sum game in which a woman can win only if her unborn child loses. (emphasis added)



2 thoughts on “Pro-life feminism is the future

  1. I thought I was seeing this trend in recent years. We have been so polarized that it has been hard to think individual thoughts. Maybe we can talk to each other and help each other, rather than fight and wound each other.

  2. It always bothers me when people who consider themselves the epitome of feminism think that any restrictions on abortion–for any circumstances–are wrong and antithetical to the movement. I think that labeling women who agree with abortion restriction “anti-feminist” is, ironically, an anti-feminist act itself. Women all have to think alike and conform to the self-proclaimed (feminist) powers that be. Sounds a lot like the patriarchy we’re supposed to be fighting, doesn’t it?

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