A lighter take on Pew’s study.

Funny stuff from Matthew Paul Turner regarding the Pew study I linked to yesterday. From his post 11 Reasons Why America’s Christians Are ‘Religiously STUPID” (and Atheists are smarter):

WARNING: If you are a Christian that doesn’t like Christians or Christianity getting poked fun at, please stop reading.

Okay, so on to the point of this post: Why did America’s Christians fail the religion 101 test?

Here are my 11 guesses…

  1. Well, like duh… Christianity isn’t a religion… it’s a RELATIONSHIP. (Now who are the dumb dumbs?) Questions about Christianity shouldn’t have even been on the test.
  2. The Apostle Paul said that knowledge puffeth up! So there. All you Jesusless people are fatties. (We are skinny.)
  3. Alabama has A LOT of Christians. Seriously, it does. And sometimes they aren’t too bright.
  4. Faith is the evidence of things unseen. See?! Get it? It don’t take brains to have faith, people! Duh.
  5. There were questions about Lucifer’s religions on that test! Of course, we didn’t know the answers. We shun all the things that Lucifer loves! (And like, hello?–he’s a Muslim.)
  6. Fox News was not involved in this particular study… if they had, the results would have been soooooo different.
  7. Better is one day being a dumbass in the presence of the Lord than like a hundred billion million as a smart atheist.
  8. Sarah Palin took the test. We should have been given a curve. It’s not really our fault that she’s not a Mormon.
  9. The Bible says that Hell is for smart people. Was that on the test?! Was it? No. People who made that test were smart!
  10. T. B. N.
  11. Just because we CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens us doesn’t mean we WILL. But we could. If we wanted to. We could. Which was totally the point that the Apostle Paul was trying to make. We CAN/COULD do all things through Christ if we wanted to. Sometimes we don’t want to.

If you’re interested, you can take the fifteen-question quiz yourself here. I was surprised by how basic it actually is, which makes the published results that much more interesting.


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