I’ve been Tumblogging

Wait, is that really a word? It should be.

When I originally started my blog here at WordPress, I was a recent seminary graduate who wanted a venue to express ongoing theological thought and discussion. I envisioned that I would eventually be working in a church or faith-based nonprofit, and I envisioned that this blog would be my space to process my experiences.

But things haven’t turned out quite that way.

I don’t work in a church or a faith-based nonprofit, and while I continue to think about my life and work theologically, the time I have to dedicate to writing about these things has shrunk dramatically. This blog has been neglected as a result.

So I started a blog via Tumblr, which you can find here if you’re interested. Tumblr makes it very easy to quickly share the type of content that interests me, much easier than it is with WordPress.

So to my friends who I interact with here, I’d welcome interaction with you at Tumblr. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about you, and I’d love the chance to continue those relationships.


5 thoughts on “I’ve been Tumblogging

    1. It is a neat system for short updates like the ones I’ve been adding there. It isn’t, however, a great system for discussion. I should clarify; I do’nt intend to end my wordpress blog. I’m just adding Tumblr as a way to share short quotes, videos, links, etc. that I find interesting.

      In order to reply in Tumblr, you need an account, which not everyone has or wants, obviously. Some people have been replying to my Tumblr stuff over Twitter, which is also great because I’ve got Twitter everywhere my phone goes.

      I still intend to write here when I find something thought-provoking, but I like that Tumblr allows me to quickly share interesting things, especially easy from my mobile device.

      Take care, Mike.

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