Martin Bashir asks Rob Bell really hard questions


I don’t like the way some of the questions are phrased, because the questions themselves assume certain dichotomies (that I would want to quickly label as false), and those dichotomies lead to binary answers that I think Rob is trying to avoid in the first place.

Still, I’m really glad someone pushed Rob really hard.


3 thoughts on “Martin Bashir asks Rob Bell really hard questions

  1. Has it occurred to you that this whole business about binary questions is just a ruse to avoid providing specific answers to tough questions?

    It would never occur to me not to answer a question because I felt it was binary. At my job, when we train people for dealing with media, nobody talks about binary questions.

    The whole concept seems to have been invented by the emergent church in an effort to avoid precisely this sort of interview.

    I adhere to the notion that there are no stupid questions. But goodness, there are some damn stupid answers. Wow.

    1. Kevin,

      Yes, that has occurred to me. I don’t think that’s the case here, though, because I genuinely think that Rob wants to avoid a simple “yes” or a simple “no.”

      I think it’s pretty obvious that Bashir’s question implies a very specific point, namely, that Bell’s theology makes a human decision about Jesus (during biological life) irrelevant. Bell doesn’t agree with this, and he wants to explain why. So instead of simply saying, “Yes,” he elaborates.

      Also, I don’t see anyone not responding, and I’m certainly not advocating that Rob shouldn’t respond. I’m simply pointing out that the question itself is too simplistic, and that it asks for an overly simplistic response.

  2. He didn’t have to stick to a simple yes or a simple no. But his responses were simply incoherent. Anyone with a carefully considered idea of what they believe about God could have answered those questions succinctly.

    And they are reasonable questions. It’s not like Bashir randomly asked him what magazines he reads or something. These are questions about the fundamental tenets of his theology.

    This is why emergents normally just interview each other.

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