I don’t understand this part of the Christian Right.

As far as I can tell from my reading of the Bible, there is no explicit command that God will “take a society down” if it accepts gay marriage. If you do some digging into the original Greek, it’s not even clear that “gay marriage” as we know it today was even on the radar of New Testament authors like Paul (see here and here). The closest one could get, perhaps, is Genesis 19, but the Bible itself doesn’t conclude that homosexuality is the problem there.

The Christo-politicians of the Right, however, are fixated on gay marriage as the straw that is going to break the camel’s back with regards to God’s judgment (funny how when Jesus talks about camels, he’s talking about money).

It seems to me that their entire “argument” should be grounded in the Bible – given that they’re all “bible believing” Christians and such – but it isn’t. Even if you accept that idea that God judges nations as we see in the Deuteronomistic history (i.e., Do this, and God will bless you. Do that, and God will curse you.), you just can’t make the case from the Bible that gay marriage kills societies.

It never happened in the Bible. The Bible never says it will happen.

What is even more confusing to me is that Paul is as explicit about divorce, remarriage, and celibacy as he is about anything in all of his letters. It’s crystal clear here. Paul thinks celibacy is the ideal, but people should get married if they have ants in their pants, they should stay married no matter what, and if there is divorce for some reason, remarriage should be a last resort (due to the whole ants in the pants thing). Or in short, it’s better to keep it in your pants, but if you can’t, get – and stay – married.

Given that clear Scriptural witness, it is bewildering to me that we have a vocal group of Christians advocating for things like the Defense of Marriage Act to “protect marriage” (or in other words, to keep homosexual unions from being legalized), but that group and its legislation say absolutely nothing about making divorce just as illegal as gay marriage currently is.

I don’t get it, and that’s not a rhetorical statement. Literally, this doesn’t make sense.

We have a large group of politically vocal Christians which insists that a literal application of the Bible is the only way to apply the Bible – both and the individual and societal levels. Yet, even if we play by their literalistic application, a thorough, critical exegesis doesn’t give that position a leg to stand on.

Gay marriage isn’t a topic the Bible addresses. Certain types of gay sex are addressed peripherally in the New Testament, and Leviticus 18 calls some type of man-to-man sex abomination (right next to calling Polyester an abomination, mind you). But it simply isn’t clear a) whether Leviticus 18 should be applied to Christians here and now, and ;b) if the New Testament passages are addressing very specific sexual acts (such as prostitution of young boys) or sexuality more broadly defined.

But even interpretation of those passages isn’t the crux of the issue. Even if the Bible is read to condemn all types of sexual acts outside of monogamous, heterosexual marriage, the Bible doesn’t call Christians to make all extra-marital sex illegal, and it certainly doesn’t suggest that failure to illegalize those sex acts will result on the collapse of a society.

In my view, the approach to and interpretation of the Bible that we see in the groups as represented above is untenable and must be abandoned.

If you don’t agree, I would challenge you to consider what the goal of the Christian life ought to be, as defined by Jesus calling us to follow him. Certainly, it isn’t to criminalize everything and everyone else that doesn’t conform to our views – right?



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