Rabbi Jonathan Cahn And Pat Robertson believe hooey.

Click here if the video doesn’t display properly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqmUw_fl4QQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player
Imagine that you are 10 years old playing on a playground. You are with 20 children from your neighborhood.

Your father is watching all of you play, when suddenly some bullying breaks out on the playground.

Your father wants to get your attention, because he is concerned that you will get caught up in bad behavior. But, instead of calling your name or coming out on to the playground to get you, he decides to kill 10 of the children playing on the playground, and he expects you to understand what he wants.

If you are that child, how do you feel? Do you feel loved? Safe? Or, are you horrified? Terrified? Afraid to do anything but run away from the monster that you see in front of you?

The god that is presented in this video is that monstrous father. That God is not worth worshiping or serving. That God is only worth fearing and not in a respectful way as many Christians might say. That god should inspire horror, terror, and confusion.

That god is not love. That god is its antithesis.

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