The Pulpit Initiative doesn’t make sense to me

I struggle to understand how traditionalists cite religious freedom in this argument.

Three points on this:

1) Religious freedom is primarily about government establishment and support as far as our founding legislation is concerned. In other words, the government can’t enforce or promote a particular religious idea on society.

In reality, it’s contradictory to argue along the lines insinuated by this video. Religious freedom should be about freeing society from sectarian religious opinions, for example, about marriage.

2) Because this is what religious freedom is ultimately about acoording to the founding documents, it’s nonsensical to oppose gay marriage as some sort on infringement of your religious freedom. Demanding that your sectarian views on marriage be enforced as law is exactly contradictory to religious freedom.

3) If gay people glare allowed to legally marry, neither the legal rights nor the religious liberty of heterosexual people are impacted in any way, shape, or form.

Also, floating Martin Luther King Jr. in support of denying civil rights is pretty hilarious.

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