Confessions of a Billy Graham Crusade Phone Operator

I noticed a pattern. I had less and less ‘saved souls’, and more and more people who just needed someone to hear their story and encourage them to find a drop-in centre, new friends, or a good psychiatrist. I cared less and less about how many people rededicated their lives to Christ. I began to resent our script and the tally. I felt annoyed with my fellow phone operators who didn’t want to hear if my caller had depression but that they read the right prayer.

I kept going for a while because I found listening to people and encouraging them was rewarding. However, I began to feel that it was wrong of me to do that for an organization who only wanted me to read certain verses and prayers. By reading the Graham script, I felt that I was betraying the caller’s real needs, but by listening to the caller I felt I was deceiving the Graham organization



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