What would change your mind about evolution? #NyeonHam

What would change your mind about evolution? #NyeonHam


2 thoughts on “What would change your mind about evolution? #NyeonHam

  1. For me this moment was the climax of the debate. I think the whole debate came down to this one question and each response communicates so much more about each side than the words contained in them. Each response shows the difference between a humble and open minded man (Nye), who says ‘I don’t know it all, anything is possible, let’s find out’ and an arrogant and stubborn one (Ham) whose response says ‘It is what it is, nothing should be questioned, end of discussion’. The moment we stop asking questions or questioning our beliefs that’s the moment we put our humanity to shame.

    Watching this debate just reassured me I made the right decision when I left the church years ago, and people like Mr. Ham don’t seem to realize they do more harm than good.

  2. I disagree on your assessment of closed mindedness . For a Christian, a belief in God is not like a belief in aliens. There are those that firmly believe they exist and others that think there’s no way. Each side, though, probably relent to a possibility of being wrong. A belief in God isn’t a “maybe” or very good possibility: it is, to us, like a belief in a gravitational pull. It’s there, we don’t know exactly how or why it started, but it’s there; plain as day. There is no way that a gravitational pull does not exist in some form and I will probably never relent from that fact. As it is with God. I will never relent from the fact there is a God and He has spoken to us through His Word. I’m not so closed minded that I can’t accept you have your own beliefs and they may forever be different than mine, but no one will ever change my mind about God either.

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