RWW News: Jonathan Cahn: God Will Judge America For White House Rainbow Light Display

Apart from the “disestablishment of the church” comment (we have never had an established church), here is the most problematic part of this tirade for me:

Why doesn’t God “judge” America for things like this more clearly? Why aren’t God’s judgments obvious responses to human sin?

It is easy to imagine that the next large national disaster will be blamed on the rainbow White House… But the connection will be less than tenuous. Tornados in the Midwest? Water shortages in California? Earth quakes in Michigan?

If the White House angers God, why doesn’t God destroy the White House instead of sending earth quakes to Battle Creek? If gay pride parades are an affront to God, why don’t those get flooded out instead of the god-fearing farmers of the Midwest?

Does God have bad aim or something? Does god not realize the mixed symbols he’s sending?


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