Bathroom talk

How would one actually verify if a transgender person was using the bathroom of his or her gender identity?

Would we have video cameras aimed at peoples’ genitals?

Would we need to enforce “pants checks” in public restrooms?

Would we “self police” and start peeking our heads into stalls and over urinal walls?
Or would we need real, actual police and law enforcement officials?

Putting the ethics and politics of the question aside for a moment, how does any of this work practically? How does one detect, let alone enforce, any of these proposed rules from either side of the political aisle?

And if the answer is that there isn’t a practical way to enact any of these detection or enforcement policies without massive intrusions into personal privacy, doesn’t this sort of suggest that forcing trans people into one bathroom or another is kind of a moot point?

Honestly, I don’t check out the genitals of other people in public restrooms, and as far as I know, people aren’t checking out mine. If a trans man uses a stall next to me – pre or post transition – I literally have no way of knowing…which is pretty much as it should be, right?


2 thoughts on “Bathroom talk

  1. Ben-
    I want to start by saying I genuinely enjoy your posts. You call things into question I’ve been content avoiding and I’m glad for it. So thank you!

    In terms of this, couldn’t the argument be made that allowing a trans man the option of using a male or female restroom be looked at as discriminatory against a non-trans man if sed man isn’t afforded the same choice? So then, in order to extend, fairness (equality?) wouldn’t they have to allow everyone the option of choosing whether they want to use a men’s or women’s restrooms?

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