Has America really changed that much?

Jim Bakker has fascinated me this election season. I’ve watched him go from cautious about supporting Donald Trump to all-in shilling for him.

If you listen to Bakker talk about politics for more than a few seconds, you’ll hear any number of unsupported assertions, but in the clip below, one jumps out specifically:

I’m not entirely sure what changes Bakker has observed that are so dramatic. Yes, gay marriage is now legal in the entire country, and I suppose that’s his issue.

But to claim that this change is the biggest change in the history of the country? That seems staggeringly ignorant of our history to me.

The Civil War, World War I, World War II…I guess those events and the changes that came about as a result were a bit more significant. The Civil War on its own literally reinvented the country.

But history aside, this is a great example of how Bakker operates. Stir up fear through histrionics; claim that the only way to survive the coming apocalypse is through these really great supplies that I just happen to be selling; profit.

Trump and the televangelists deserve each other.

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