As you may have guessed from perusing the blog, I’m a Christian. I was born and raised in a Christian home by Christian parents, who themselves had Christian parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, and so on. It’s a large family tree, and if nothing else is, Christianity is the constant.

I trained for Christian ministry and have earned the degrees that come with such training. As a child, I dreamed of being a preacher, and for most of my life, believed that was my calling. In seminary, of all places, I began having doubts about that.

But, that is a story for another day. Maybe.

I’m not currently serving in a church, but I still spend a lot of my time thinking about issues related to the church: bible, theology, politics, social activism, justice. What you will find here is no less than a sampling of the ideas that run through my head on a daily basis.

Whatever the topic, my thoughts and words are always a work in progress.

I welcome the thoughts and opinions of anyone who finds their way here, and I hope any conversation we have works like iron sharping iron, bettering us both in the process.

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Young Mr. Gulker,
    I have only known one other individual with that surname — Virgil. And that was truly an honor.

    You sound like your paths are similar.

    May God be with you always.
    -M K

  2. M K, thanks for your comment. I, too, have heard the name Virgil Gulker. He is no doubt a great man.

    How did you know him?

  3. Being a Christian is just a label. It does not mean much unless we live it.
    America is a Christian nation. Are we?
    The question really is if anyone is a real Christian, does he behave in a Christ-like manner?
    This issue is totally another ball of wax to be discussed.

  4. Don’t have anything to say right now. Just interested in talking to knowledgeable believers. Basically, the gist of my interest is why do you believe. Oh yeah. I guess I have to classify myself as an agnostic.

    1. Welcome. I try to post a handful of times a week, or as much as my work schedule allows. Feel free to comment anytime; your perspective is welcomed.

  5. Hey There, Mr. Gulker

    Just stopping by to say “Hey”, and find out a little more about where you are coming from.

    We’ve been yapping over at Unreasonable Faith, and I wanted to say I respect the tone you take in discussions there.

    It is getting harder and harder for me to find faithful believers who actually challenge me to think, and to probe my own beliefs. Congratulations on being one.

    I, too, was born and raised in a Christian home by Christian parents with Christian Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins, and on down the family line.

    All of that makes questioning that faith even more difficult, and painful, but I have found it worth it to live in harmony with observable reality.

    1. Welcome!

      Thanks for expressing your respect. I do my best to communicate in the same manner over the anonymity of the internet as I do in person, i.e., respectfully. Far too often, discussions between atheists, agnostics, and religious folks degenerate to the ad hominem level. I appreciate your resistance to that, as well as that of many of the UF commenters. Let’s hope that we can continue that tone in the future.

      Anyway, welcome. Feel free to chime in when I do post, usually a couple times per week.

      Now if I could just post as often here as I do at UF…then I’d have an exciting blog, too!

  6. I caught one of your comments on Unreasonable Faith and decided to come over for a visit. I’m looking forward to reading your stuff. There are lots of similarities between yours and my backgrounds. Come visit my blog sometime.

    Clergy Guy

  7. brgulker,

    Your blog seems to be an interesting place for the discussion of important topics.

    Might I ask … How on earth you became associated with the cast of characters that exist at a different web site we are both familiar with where a certain moderator [and what seems to be a rather small band of cohorts] conducts his affairs in a decidely less-than Christian manner?

    As I thought from reading your cogent comments in that location … whether or not I agree with all of them is irrelevant … you, sir, are a highly intelligent person and it’s a pleasure to have made your acquaintance via the ethernet.

  8. Just checking around your blog (not because I have a lot of time to do so, but because I was curious and worked it in this morning!). It seems that you and I might have more in common that originally thought, had we not “met” over an area of disagreement (liturgical expressions). May your writings on God things be effectual in His purposes and in human hearts. BTW, I love the “Is Your Bible Too Liberal” thing. Brian Casey,

  9. You have a wonderful blog. Your posts are insightful and well thought out.

    I too am a Christian, although unlike you I was raised an atheist. Contemplating Christian Theology has always been a hooby of min. I will read just about any good books on theology. By good I mean properly researched, well though out and usually writen by respected theologians.

    I do not include in the good book category any of the modern evangelical garbage that is pumped into the marketplace by every evangelical pastor out there.

    I have little patience for people who claim that in order to be “Christian” you have to accept certain things that the many people seem to consider articles of faith. For example: the literal creation story. I am sorry but God gave us brains… I think he did so with the intention that we use them. There are few theological points that I am willing to hang my faith on as over the last years my position has changed many times as I have understood more.

    This has never been more true than over the last year as I have tried to reconcile my mental illnesses with the teachings of scripture.

    I think that Christians need to question their own faith more… Ask themselves the tough questions, because if your faith cannot weather those kinds of questions, what is going to happen if and when life gets truly difficult and unfair.

    I am placing a link to your blog on mine. If you have the time or inclination please take the time to poke around on my blog.


  10. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that “” is no longer. It’s now the generic “”. Same material, free domain. I noticed that the old one is in your blogroll.

    Peace and love,


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